Brand new


My company Neudesic just released a new and improved public website

that was built on SharePoint 2010 and does some cool things with CRM. Luckily I have got a chance to be part of this process from UX and visual design side.

From initial design to final rollout, Neudesic specialists completed the site using the same project management methodology they employ when delivering successful solutions to the company’s clients.

I am very proud to say that this is great example of SharePoint + UX + CRM + other technologies. This is a great example of how Rich public facing site built on SharePoint 2010 can look and definitely showcases some great features!

Built on the strength and stability of SharePoint 2010 integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Neudesic’s new site showcases the power of Microsoft’s latest software and further establishes Neudesic’s reputation as the trusted provider of innovative technology solutions based on Microsoft’s robust and versatile technology stack.

Note – Still some improvements are there, we folks are working on it, very soon we will see one more improved version of this.

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