How to open Named Anchor links in flash

About anchor links

In html you can link to a speciffic area of a html page by adding anchors, for example this link will point you to the “solution” area of this page; you link to an area of a page (to an anchor) by adding # after file name followed by the anchor name, e.g: products.php#product4 or just #product4 if destination is on same page.

The ‘namedanchor’ (destination) is written like this in the html code:

<a name=”solution” id=”solution”></a>

The flash issue

When you want a flash button to open a Named Anchor inside the html page normally you would think that the link can be open by something like this:


but the above will not work because of some flash limitations


Write a really short javascript in the html page and set the getURL from flash to trigger that JavaScript.

Write this function in <head> … </head> area of html code:

1. <script language=“JavaScript”>
2. function openNewWindow(URLtoOpen, windowName, windowFeatures){ 
3. (URLtoOpen, windowName, windowFeatures);
4. }
5. </script>

Modify getURL actions from flash to call the above JavaScript:

1. getURL(javascript:openNewWindow(‘anchor_test.html#title2′,’_parent’)”;

This solution was tested and worked in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox type browsers.

Download Sample Files >

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