Golden Ratio in modern CSS

Some general layout thoughts

The styling of a website is not just the looks, it is much more than that. It is the thing that makes the visitor feel comfortable, the thing that will make him subconsciously love it, make him feel like home.

Perfect design is the one that is subtle and helps the visitor use the website and not just admire it.

Let’s see for example a news site. Visitor should not spend time looking your delicious gradients and your sexy rounded corners on every element. He should spend his precious web-time reading the valuable content. We must help him find as fast as possible what he is looking for. Help him read as many articles as possible. Make him stay more. Transform the first time visitor, into a loyal fan.

To achieve all these we must offer harmony and uniformity in every element of our page, even in the small and less important. The summary of is going to give us the desirable result.

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