Footers In Modern Web Design – with advanced functions

Apart from visual appeal, footers can be used effectively to convey some important information quickly and shortly. Contact information, address, sitemap, main sections can therefore often be found in the footer. However, also further functionalities, such as RSS-feed, e-mail-subscription and tag clouds can be placed there too.

Ten Thousand Things presents contact information, some advertisement and the most popular tags.


The Greg Brady Project combines a contact form and the footer.


Rahul Joshi has 4 columns: one for Flickr images, one for further pages, one for copyright and one for contact details.


Lucy Blackmore has a stick-it-note which leads to the home page of the site.


Arrival Design gets right to the point. Here is what they do. And here is how you contact them.


Media Ambassador offers e-mail newsletters…


… and so does Hopkingdesign. Not a good idea as you won’t attract many subscribers.



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