Photoshop web 2.0 layer style


Coming to the Layer Styles, a lot of styles on the Web to download but none of them were of the today’s trend of Web 2.0.

So here is a set of 131 Photoshop Layer Styles in .ASL ( Photoshop Layer Style ) format.

As explained in the above image, this set of Layer Styles could be the fastest way to create Web Elements like Buttons, headers, Content Backgrounds and a lot other stuff.

To use them in Photoshop 7 and above do the following:

1. In the menu choose Edit > Preset Manager
2. In Preset Type select the ‘Styles’ option
3. Click the Load button and browse for the .ASL file
4. Create a new document and a new layer
5. Draw your shape and choose your style (easiest way is to click on the ‘Styles’ tab in the box on the right-hand side).

Download from the bellow url’s


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